Functional Safety

The basic philosophy behind the safety life cycle is to develop and document a safety plan, execute it and document its execution. Today, many organizations struggle with the aspects of planning and executing functional safety activities. Sistrack Solutions can help you out.

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About us

Sistrack Solutions has serviced the oil and gas industry for over 15 years with a client base across North America, West Africa and the Middle east. Our technical expertise lies in functional safety management and cybersecurity for hydrocarbon processing facilities. Our core competencies include performing and verifying SIL calculations, PHA/LOPA studies, Functional safety audits and assessments, and process control network cybersecurity compliance audits. We also offer functional safety training for individuals and corporate bodies. Sistrack Solutions has a trusted team of functional safety experts with experience in implementing world class functional safety and cybersecurity initiatives. We focus on risk reduction for safety instrumented systems and process control networks. We deliver world class implementation so you can continue to run your processes safely and reliably.

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Our Services

SIL Calculatons

Our CFSE certified engineers perform SIL calculations for new projects as well as SIL validations for existing projects.

Audits & Assessments

We carry out functional safety audits and assessments for your safety instrumented systems in accordance with IEC 61508/61511 standards.

PCN Cybersecurity

Protect your DCS/SIS infrastructure from cybersecurity breaches through internal audits, penetration testing and vulnerabilities assessments.


Our qualified and experienced team will help your organization facilitate hazard and operability studies for new and existing projects.

SIS Engineering

We have several years of experience in managing safety instrumented systems activities across all phases of the safety life cycle.

SIF identification

Identify and document new and exisiting safety instrumented functions using tools such as Mangan SLM and Exida exSilentia.


Develop competence in functional safety by preparing for ISA SIS expert certificate or TUV FSE, Exida CFSP/CFSE certifications.

Compliance Tracking

How compliant is your organization with the requirements of IEC 61511/61508 standards.We can help you find out.

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